Yes, ladies, itís a fact. Iím seeking an appealing mid-late-40s submissive Caucasian woman for a long-term, TPE-MPE arrangement - within the context of a loving relationship.  Now, read that again, ď...within the context of a loving relationship.ĒIím seeking a relationship not a play partner or train wreck. Prospects seeking marriage or children are fine as are novices and neophytes. Indeed, a novice or neophyte would be more fun for both of us. New friends and discussion are always welcome.



†††† submissive

††††††† woman

Iím a 60 year old male, 6'1" tall, 165 lbs lean.  Also educated, experienced, and a world traveled professional.  IĎve had erotic interests for many years with casual involvement within the D/s community and occasional play with discreet lovers.  Monogamous, drug, alcohol, and disease free, unmarried with no children.  I live in the Washington, D.C., area but travel frequently so a rendezvous to compare notes might be possible.††

Most people see me as fairly conventional - on the outside. And thatís how I prefer it. Iím looking for a fairly conventional relationship - on the outside. On the inside and in personal life I seek something more unconventional and impassioned because life sans passion is pretty boring. Iíd prefer a timeless and boundless love affair. If youíre seeking the same or similar, read further to learn more about the woman Iím looking for and what we can do for one another.